Mars Wine (Mars Yamanashi Winery)

Mars Wine (Mars Yamanashi Winery)


Popular touristy winery with a bubble era feel, set up by a shochu and whiskey producer from Kagoshima in 1960. Like a lot of the big commercial wineries, their bread-and-butter is mass market but when it comes to their premium range they take their winemaking seriously - their orange Koshu is on the bar menu at the Conrad hotel in Tokyo, for example. This winery is to the far southwest of the valley in city surroundings, 10 minutes’ walk from Isawa Onsen station.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 16:30 Every day (Closed 31st December)

Tastings: Yes (some charged)

Website: (Japanese only)

Tel: +81 (0)55 262 4121

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