Welcome to an insider's guide to the Koshu Valley wine region in Yamanashi, Japan. Through balanced first-hand information we give you a unique insight into a part of Japan that the guidebooks forgot. Whether you are stopping by for lunch, visiting on a day trip from Tokyo or staying overnight, you will find here the best wineries, restaurants and accommodation the region has to offer.

A couple of notes when planning a trip: firstly, bear in mind that one of this area's charms is also its greatest challenge - as a relatively undiscovered part of Japan, English-language visitor information is still limited and some establishments do not maintain regular hours.

Please also understand that although great Koshu wines are receiving high praise internationally, many winemakers seek to satisfy a variety of tastes. This means the style of wine can differ greatly from one glass to the next and one winery to another. But don't be put off by the weird among the wonderful - any wine you taste here will be memorable and even the exotically floral 'Bailey A' red will prove either an interesting new discovery or a talking point back home!

about the publisher

KoshuValley.com was created by Koshu Valley local Rosemary Mitchell. Originally from the UK, Rosemary studied Japanese at the University of Edinburgh, where she was also treasurer of the Wine Society. She has lived in Japan for over a decade and is a committee member for the local government’s Tourism Promotion Planning Committee.

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“I believe the Koshu Valley has the potential to become one of the world’s great wine regions, offering wine lovers a unique experience that is distinctly Japanese yet reassuringly familiar. Outside Paris lies the Champagne region, outside San Francisco lies the Napa Valley, outside Sydney lies the Hunter Valley, and just outside Tokyo hides the elusive Koshu Valley.”

Rosemary Mitchell, Katsunuma, Koshu Valley

If you are interested in knowing more about Japanese wine and wine country, please get in touch.

About the Logo

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The Koshu Valley logo is designed to resemble a kamon - a traditional Japanese family crest. Within the circle of the kamon, Mt. Fuji is seen rising above a bunch of Koshu grapes, reflecting the view from many points in the valley. At the same time, the outline of the mountain represents the distinctive origami paper hats, called kasa, that are used in the area to protect grapes from the elements.