Chateau Katsunuma

Chateau Katsunuma


Scratch below the surface of what appears to be a commercial, coach-tour-accommodating, mass-market producer and you are looking at a privately owned winery that traces its routes directly back to one of the very first Japanese wineries, Imamura Budoshu Jyozo, of 1877. The Imamura’s still own and run the winery. Try their Toriivilla Imamura range of wines, from vineyards on the prized Toriihira hillside. Regular tours and a nice restaurant - see Dining.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Reduced hours at year-end/New Year)

Tastings: Yes (some charged)

Website: (Japanese only)

Tel: +81 (0)553 44 0073

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