Moshi Moshi House

Moshi Moshi House


A chance to stay the night in a piece of Koshu history, a beautifully restored Koshu Minka farmhouse that can be booked out as self-catering accommodation. Moshi moshi is what you say in Japanese when you pick up the phone and the house got its name because for a long time it was the only one in this small hamlet to have a telephone, which the neighbours would pop by to use. This is a lovely village to walk around but it is nestled up in the hills with little in the way of shops and restaurants so you are best coming by car. Sleeps up to seven people on thin futons in the tatami rooms - although somewhat modernised, this is basic, traditional accommodation.


Online booking: See the ‘Inquiry’ section of the above website.

Tel: +81 (0)553 32 4748 (Some English spoken)

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